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107.5 fm - The Story

About us

Kingfisher FM was birthed out of a deep desire in the hearts of a passionate group of Christians, to use the platform of radio to see the Kingdom of God established in the city of Port Elizabeth. In 1994, the group went through the challenging task ...

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What We Need Most in 2018

Life Talk

2017 was a tumultuous year. For some of us, the change and upheaval were fun and exhilarating. For others, they knocked the wind out of us so badly that we’re still trying to catch our breath. After a year like that, some of us are riding ...

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The Gospel in SA - The Beginning by Tyrell Haag

The Land We Love

CHRISTIANITY, CHURCH HISTORY The Gospel in South Africa #1 The Beginning The following is an excerpt from Dr Kevin Roy’s book “Zion City RSA” with a few alterations, additions and subtractions by me to m...

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Without him we may never have had CS Lewis

Testimony Talk

The Man Who Inspired C.S. Lewis Without George MacDonald, we may not have had C.S. Lewis. By Wesley Baines   image:

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Get Active

Looking after your body during the summer holidays need not be a chore; it can be a whole lot of fun.   Plus, you’ll feel great and enjoy your holiday even more. Start your holiday with some of these tips.   ‚Äč1. Eat healt...

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Diary of a Non Perfect Mom - Burn OUT! by Sue Ponders

Family Inspiration's MY way out of the "Hunger Games" Hi DiaryToday I need to speak to all the moms out there who are in danger of burnout. Because burnout can throw you into a game you don't want to be in. A game few survive if they play. It's calle...

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01. North Korea - There4 Ministries - Janine 11-01-2018

Latest podcast

Uploaded 16 January 2018, 13:02

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I like adoption


A heart melting short film on adoption. Be inspired to lead  a life  of generosity. ...

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Bay City Church

Church Partners

Loving God, Loving People, Reaching out...

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Association of Christian Media

Community Collaboration

The ACB / ACM was born out of some amazing and unexpected miracles 22 years ago, and has been born again twice since then. In 1993, an evangelism group in a church in Fish Hoek, Cape Town thought that radio might be a good way to reach out to the lo...

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Expand your network

Grow with us

Advertise with us and GROW our city. We are local radio offering local rates, building local businesses, supporting local communities and churches. ...

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Our Christmas Party

We had a ball at La Goia...

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Donate to Kingfisher FM this Christmas!

Help keep your favorite radio ministry station on air! There are 3 things we are passionate about!God!  You our listener! And our local community!  In the past year we have been blessed to give over R2 000 000 in  airtime to cause aw...

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