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Elukholweni Farm School

Telephone: 041-3674852
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Elukholweni Farm School is situated on the New Seaview Road in the Theescombe district, Port Elizabeth.
It was established in 1978 on a section of land that was donated to the Elukholweni School Special Educational Trust.
Currently we have about 126 learners, from grade R to grade 7. They are all black children from the surrounding community as well as from The Walmer Township. We have only 4 permanent teachers and operating from 4 class rooms.

In 2011 the local residents and corporate sponsors became involved with the school. Our first project was to sort out the rundown ablution facilities. 

Since then we have seen many improvements to the existing buildings, including a new library, and general maintenance of the school grounds. 
Through Facebook and e-mails we have started to create an awareness of the school amongst the local residents and businesses in P.E. 

We have managed to get the education department to re-introduce a feeding scheme and all the children receive a healthy meal very day.

Because of the many challenges facing the education system in our country, our school suffers on many fronts.
Yet we are confident that we will achieve our goals one at a time.
- Our sports fields re being fixed at present and the entrance to the school is new.

- Look out for our "cool" tuck shop that should be arriving soon, this will also double up as a farm stall for the community

- The MY SCHOOL project. Please find attached application form if you have not got a My School card yet. If you do have one, note that you can sponsor more than 1 cause. So please, all you Woollies shoppers, join the Elukholweni My School project.

Lastly, if anyone wants to get involved or find out more about our school, please do not hesitate to call us, or you can visit our Facebook page.