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Simon Clark Faces 40 Football Fields worth of Cosmoprof!

Category: Beauty Inspiration

Simon Clark journeyed into the Cosmoprof Fashion Haven and here is what he found...

"To most people hair colour, styling tools like straightening irons hairdryers or brushes at things that you get from the shop, Very few people, hairdressers included, actually stop to consider the massive industy that is behind it all. Well Cosmoprof is one of the largest faces of this industry.

Comprising 24 halls and covering an area of give or take 40 football fields it is not for the faint of heart or unfit. I wore out a pair of shoes on day one. If it is hair and beauty related, from soaps to razors shampoo to perfume and everything to pack it in, you will find it here. For all of this the very scale of the event makes it difficult to take it all in. The expo index runs to 191 pages alone.

To the first time visitor it is an assault on the senses. Starting unexpectedly with the protestors ar the main gate. Fortunately the local police were quick to disperse them. Their use of Japanese drums certainly made their presence felt. ( I sincerely hope that our local protestors do not copy them, the noise was decidedly unpleasant)

Once inside the assault, much more pleasantly continues. The stands are not not just the cute little 3x3m displays but massive interactive areas with demonstrations, big screams and pumping or soothing music depending on the stand. Models and managers abound with company owners and sales directors all keen to negotiate a deal or show you their latest products and developments. So it goes with out saying that if you want to find something you need to start with a plan..."