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Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists is South Africa's Oldest Roastery and...

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Est 1924  

The founder of Mastertons Coffee and Tea Specialists, Ronald John “Jock” Masterton, born 13 November 1897, came to South Africa from Scotland in 1920 at the age of 23 after serving as an officer in the Black Watch regiment during the First World War. 
During the war, a fellow officer from South Africa persuaded him to make a new beginning in the land of sunshine once the war had ended, and he did just that. 
Jock worked as assistant manager on the farm “Three Rivers” in Vereeniging where he met his future wife Marjorie, who at the time was visiting her uncle the farm manager. 
In love, he made the logical move to Marjorie’s home town of Port Elizabeth, where her father was the Harbour Engineer in charge of building the breakwater which still protects the harbour to this day. 
With the aim of establishing his own business, Jock travelled to Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) where he studied Tea Tasting, often sampling more than 400 varieties of tea in a single day. 
Returning to Port Elizabeth he opened “The Tea and Coffee House” at 33a Queen Street (now Govan Mbeki Avenue) on 4 December 1924, and later moved 
Their very first bag of coffee was a Brazilian, costing 1 Pound 18 shillings and sixpence. 
Today they have a large variety of coffee blends to suit all palates, specially roasted and blended by the roast master.

Visit SA's oldest roastery and take a trip into history and the future!

Mastertons is forging ahead in the coffee industry yet they remain grounded in the beautiful one of a kind story that they authentically call their own.
Pop in and smell the coffee!


114 Russell Road, Central

Port Elizabeth 6001

Phone: +27 41 585 4044
Fax: +27 41 585 7651


69 Parliament Street, Central

Port Elizabeth 6001

Phone: +27 41 585 4044