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Why Quiet Time? by Sue

Category: Sue Ponders

I haven't had much chance to write lately, but I have been pondering...


One thing that is always on my mind is - QUIET TIME. Time to sit still and LISTEN to God. In this incredibly busy world, the question easily arises: Why should I do it? Or how can I possibly make enough time for it? And how do I do it? It's so easy to drop the quiet moments or "quiet times" from our lives when busyness is starting to overwhelm us...but we mustn't! Because in the calm of a quiet moment is where we find all the answers!

The other day I came across a most beautiful Scripture, triggering much thought in my mind and giving me yet another good reason for having a daily quiet time with God. Psalm 103:3 speaks about the Lord who "forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases" and I am quite certain it doesn't only mean the physical ones! Apparently, the word "heals" in this particular Scripture is also defined as "to mend by stitching" and that's when something clicked in my mind. I suddenly realized that, like a seamstress, God cannot stitch together what He does not hold in His hand. What do I mean by that? Picture a torn rag, like the one in this picture, that is in dire need of repair. What if this piece of material was held in front of me and every time I wanted to grab it, it would be jerked away from me, before I could work on it and mend it? I simply wouldn't be able to mend it. It simply wouldn't work! If this piece of material is not being laid into my lap, I cannot begin to repair it. And isn't it like that with God and us?  


We need to make time to sit still before God. Yes, I suppose we can talk to God on the run, but I really don't think that He will be able to do much mending then and if you are in dire need of healing like I was, then I definitely recommend a regular quiet time! When I read that Psalm, I realized that it is vitally important to give God enough time to stitch me back together with His LOVE and His WORD and I have experienced that He will do so much more! He can turn a torn and worn out rag into a beautiful piece of material like this one! But in order to start the transformation process, we really need to sit still and have a little quiet time, even if it is only a very short one at first.


I can truly testify that this has worked for me! Trust me, there was a lot of stitching or mending to do in my mind and God is still busy with it, but He is faithful and I can see so many improvements already. I am not after perfection anymore, God is the only one who can achieve perfection, but I realize now that I don't need to be perfect, all I have to do is...sit still once in a while and let Him work on me. Sitting still can be a challenge at first, but it isn't impossible and I can assure you - it will be worth it! 




"He forgives all my sins

and heals all my diseases.

He redeems me from death

and crowns me with love and tender mercies."

Psalm 103:3-4 (NLT)