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Date: 2018-05-08

15 days ago

Day events: Time and location TBA

Tuesday 8th May - "How Ethics Work and how it matters" - Simon Brace

Wednesday 9th May - "Victomized by Victomology" - Johan Erasmus

Thursday 10th May - "A new paradigm shift in Africa" - Thabo Mahlobo


Evening Events: 5:30 for 6pm at the NMU South Campus, Building 127, New Science Building Auditorium

Tuesday 8th May - "Is your church a cult?" - Daniel Maritz (Chapter Director of Ratio Christi at Pretoria University & Pastor in Brooklyn PTA)

Wednesday 9th May - "Global Narcissism - men are trash, black lives matter, white Jesus? - Johan Erasmus (BA in Politics & History, Honours Philosophy, MA in Theology)

Thursday 10th May - "The land Issue and justice" - Thabo Mahlobo (Co-founder Mahlobo Foundation, Founder of the New Economy Leadership institute)

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Speaker Information: May Tour of Eastern Cape 

Daniel Maritz:

Daniël is married to Ansie who is a lecturer at the North-West University and is currently busy with her PhD in propaganda. He serves a pastor at Brooklyn Church in Pretoria and is the Ratio Christi Chapter Director at the University of Pretoria. Daniel is also completing his PhD at NWU.


The New Age Infiltration of the Church.

What is the New Age Movement and where does it come from? This talk investigates some practices within the New Age movement and shows how it is currently infiltrating the church.

Considering the Psychological and Sociological characteristics of cults. [NMU talk]

As Christians it is very important to look at cults from a theological perspective. But, we sometimes neglect their psychological and sociological side which provides us with great insights into the finer mechanics of cults. Our exploration will therefore focus on some of these psychological and sociological characteristics in the cultic realm.

Scripture Twisting.

How should we read the Bible? Is it possible to misuse the Bible in any way? This talk shows how some cults misuse the bible to say what they want it to say. But, it also sets the record straight to show how we van untwist twisted Scriptures.

Thabo Mahlobo:

Thabo is a family man, husband to Nthabiseng and father to Noluthando, Neo and Nokuthula Mahlobo, a very well motivated, strategic and diplomatic male who works well independently, but better in a team. He carries a great understanding of the business and entrepreneurship environment with an amazing great insight towards the learning and development industry

He is a trained Learning and Development Facilitator/Trainer, Assessor, Leadership & Growth Coach and Business Mentor.

Thabo is the Founder of The New Economy Leadership Institute, a 7 mountain curriculum institute with an on -going objective to resource marketplace leaders to become effective and transformational leaders in the marketplace. He has worked for Nedbank Exchange Controls; First National Bank and Metal Industries Benefit Funds Administrators.

He is also the Co-Founder of Mahlobo Foundation , a private equity company with a fund raised and managed by investment professionals to perform a broad economic development function and engage in the business of extending long term support to small businesses, entrepreneurs and industrialists.

His passion is to reach, transform and bless Africa….He view Africa as a precious jewel in God’s hands..


A New Paradigm Shift in Africa: [Lecture for the Corporate folks]

“The current paradigm suggests that creating enterprises is not as important as creating and receiving aid. As the New Economy Team we believe that we are on the nexus of a new paradigm shift. African poverty can be greatly reduced through micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs). These are the engines of economic growth for countries globally. Small businesses create more jobs than any other entity. Because of the communal lifestyle, every single job created through small businesses affects at least four lives. In some African contexts, the ratio is greater.

The current paradigm suggest that Africans are passive and beggarly. However, there is an increasing demand by Africans for trade rather than aid, for foreign investments than aid. This desire is now reflected both in government and private sector. Many African Leaders are quoted requesting more trade opportunities, not aid. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, has launched many national programs to shift the mindset of his nation away from aid. This mindset is increasingly spreading across the continent.”- The New Economy

Social and Economic Justice: [Lecture at NMU].

“We are called to social and economic justice, and not just mere humanitirianism. We do not only need the heart for the poor however we need the mind for the poor. Our charity must be grounded in truth, the truth of economics and the truth about the human person that they are created in the image of God with a creative capacity that must be given an opportunity to flourish. They need access to markets, property, land rights, fair trade policies and the rule of law that favour them, and not just a minority”.- The New Economy

Johan Erasmus:

Johan Erasmus is the co-founder of both Dialoog and Real Talk, two Gauteng-based organizations that aim to create honest spaces in which to wrestle with controversial philosophical, political and theological questions. He has a BA in politics and history, an Honours degree in philosophy and an MA in theology. Currently, Johan is in the beginning stages of a PhD in public theology, in which he examines race relations in South Africa.

Victimized by Victimology:

Victimology, according to John McWhorter, is "the adoption of victimhood
as the core of one's identity". Anthony Bradley argues that victimology
leads us to focusing on external obstacles and exposing the inadequacies of
the 'other', rather than finding a constructive way forward. Both
McWhorter and Bradley are African American scholars who are challenging the
thinking of some of their US contemporaries. What happens when we
translate their ideas into our South African context, where there are
people of all races who regard themselves as victims in some way or

As a white Afrikaans South African, Johan Erasmus will share some thoughts
from his own soul-searching and reflecting on the above authors - especially
since the white identification as the 'minority' also seems to function as
a victim tagline. Join Johan as he wrestles with this controversial but
important topic.

South Africa: A Secular Theocracy:

Religion, when it goes wrong, is plagued by many problems: fundamentalism, intolerance, us-against-them thinking and unchallengeable doctrines. Currently, we are seeing a new rise in "secular" ideology that feels very "religious" in that it demonstrates many of the same flaws that we have seen in the church.
This ‘religiosity’ is particularly evident when it comes to defining the narrative of our country regarding race. Within the race dialogue, we have a new ‘Secular Religion’ that has its own zealous preachers, doctrines of sin and repentance, creeds that may not be questioned, and excommunication if you do not toe the line.
This talk makes the case that, while many of the causes of the secular evangelists are important, there are dangerous fundamentalist undercurrents of which we need to be cautious.

Living in a time of Global Narcissism:

Stop White Genocide, Black Lives Matter, Brexit, Men Are Trash, Bill C-16, Make America Great Again
The world has become a polarized place in the last few years. One might argue that we currently live in “A global vortex of grievance” where all sides appear to be disenfranchised. Broadly speaking, it would seem the ‘right’ longs for a golden age that never was and the ‘left’ for a utopia that will never be.
A short analysis of these and other popular movements, reveals that (regardless of where we find ourselves on the political spectrum) we are hyper sensitive, unreasonable, lack empathy, all claim to be experts and detest those who do not admire us. This is text book narcissism.
This presentation argues that our dysfunctional identity politics ascends from a narcissistic culture that has permeated societies around the world.
As a remedy, we might be wise to consider the gospel’s ability to change and transform a global culture which is in danger of causing a global victimhood spiral of vengeance.

Why Superheroes are good for your faith:

If you like Batman, Superman, Wonder Women, Thor, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, you’ve basically proven that Christianity is true. In fact, these Superheroes could even do what heroes do and save you… from your heathen ways!
Drawing on thinkers such as Tolkien, Lewis and Chesterton – this presentation reflects on the significant spiritual themes present in popular fantasy films and considers their philosophical and theological implications.

Simon Brace:

Simon is the National Director of Ratio Christi South Africa and Chapter Director at the North West University Ratio Christi chapter. Born in Zimbabwe, Simon moved to South Africa at a young age where he completed school and gained a diploma in Land Surveying. Simon worked as an Engineering Surveyor in construction for a number of years in different countries before moving to the US to pursue studies in Theology. Simon also holds an BA in Theology and MA in Apologetics and Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary where he worked as the Director of the Missions program called TEAM. Simon had the privilege of leading many teams from Southern Evangelical Seminary to teach and train in the local Churches in a number of countries. Simon was also involved with the establishment of Ratio Christi in the US through the efforts of TEAM at SES. Simon has served as the President and Chairman of the Board of Ratio Christi. Ratio Christi is a campus ministry devoted to attending to ideological battle that confronts Christian students and professors in academic institutions through equipping Christians in the academy to better understand, proclaim and defend the faith.

Simon is married to Nel and they have five kids: Eva, Olivia, Cai, Joshua and Ruben. The Braces currently live in Potchefstroom South Africa. Simon loves fishing, sport, and in recent years has taken an interest in woodworking; the end result being an infinite regress of woodworking projects that have now to be built for Nel.