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Nomakhwezi Maqaga

Presenter on: Weekend Masabelane 107.5 fm

Who is Nomakwhezi Maqaga?
A disciple maker and gospel sharer (she shared the gospel on the bus
when working in Zurich and every opportunity she gets!)
Law is a passion! Khwezi is studying for LLB with Unisa. Radio is next in line
as Nomakhwezi takes the opportunity to uplift, encourage and educate others
on different aspects of life's interesting journey.

Tell us more!
As a strong Christain believer Nomakhwezi was convicted to take the opportunity to work for
a local radio station Emmanuel Haven fm.
Her work there as a news reader and host of a woman & children's programme has led to her
presenting Masabelane on a Saturday and Sunday.
She is authentic in her love for Jesus and it comes through on air.